Stephanie works in a variety of mediums, specializing in watercolor and ink, oil & acrylic and mixed media. She is often inspired by the masters, children's books, dreams, nature, her love for color, shapes and life's simple pleasures. Her whimsical style varies between contemporary and traditional and often incorporates sentimental themes and objects. She has been commissioned to create custom works for several companies and clients in New England and has self published a collection of stationery, under her KRAUSSHOUSE ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN name. The root of her being is in her maiden name, Krauss, so she hides the letter K in all of her paintings. 

Stephanie’s artwork and designs can be found on a variety of surfaces, including her line of SCARVES, CERAMICS and CUSTOM TISSUE PAPER/Sandwich Wrap. She especially enjoys creating branding and identity for small businesses. (Ray Art , Shubie’s , Discover Marblehead ) She is often found at her local town studio where she teaches classes and workshops to children and adults..

me in my scarf.jpg